Metal Roofs Facts

Buying A Steel Roof

What is the actual cost of a metal roof?

When pricing a roof, you have to take under consideration facts such as:

Metal roof Styles
Colouring and the significance of the paint system
The intricacy of your roofing area (how complicated is the design of your roofing area. ex: hips, valley, dormers etc.)
Steel roofing is considered to be a premium application, and as such the metal roofing initial cost will be more. However, because of its long lived nature, a metal roof will last you much longer and will save you more money over time than any traditional types of roof such as: slate, tile and cedar shake roofing.

Metal Roof Installation

Most of our customers are asking if the strapping of the roof is necessary prior to the installation of a new metal roof.

Strapping is not always needed but is highly recommended and widely used by us. We believe that the strapping process creates a better anchorage to the existing roof trusses and reinforces the whole roof application. Many times we also use strapping to level out an existing roof surface which experiences sagging over the years. Another advantage is to provide a space between the existing roof deck and new metal roofing material. This provides better ventilation and better cooling of the roof during hot summer days.

How heavy is a metal roof?

The truth is distinctly different from popular belief. Current steel roofing fabrication has provided us with a light-weight solution. Between steel or aluminum, some of the designs and application can actually up to 50% lighter than some traditional as

Does the existing roof have to be removed?

Sometimes, in some roofing applications; metal roofing can be installed on top of/over the old roof, meaning that removal of the pre-existing roof is not necessary. Metal-Roofing can sometimes be installed over existing shingles, assuming that the house has only 1 layer of them. This can provide a significant cost reduction as it helps lower cost for labor and saves time while also preventing the harmful landfill disposal. We recommend that this decision should be made only after a careful evaluation with the project manager.


Possible paint coating finishes.

An example of a paint finish includes modified polyester, pvc, coatings, and fluorocarbon.

What styles are available?

New generation metal roofing-In addition to profiles that are distinct to steel (like vertical rib, corrugated and standing seam, slate, caly tile and cedar shakes) many steel roofing styles replicate other traditional roofing materials. Unique designs are offered by varying fabricators.

What types of paint coatings are available?

Available metal roofing types include: modified polyester, PVC (plastisol), and fluorocarbon (Kynar)  coatings. The paint system choice will depend on the activity of your local environment, the building(architecture) of your home, and the preferred performance.

Typical Metal-Roof Life-Span

The typical life-span of shingle roofing is between 10-20 years. Independent study shows that metal roofing can EASILY last 60 years. Metal roofing is non-organic, unlike asphalt shingles which can be subject to biological damage by mold and other destructive organisms, metal roofing is unaffected by this. To prolong the life of metal roofing, periodical washing can be applied, if any exposure of raw material will be detected; a new paint of coating will help in it lasting longer.

Metal Roofing: Durability

Metal Roofing is designed to withstand critical weather conditions. It will not chip or crack when exposed to hail, snow or ice. Steel roofs work well with snow, they prevent snow buildup and ice dams on your house. They are made of non-combustible materials which means that they will not burn under any circumstances or spread fire. These roofs are resistant to wind-blows sparks which are one of the many dangers that could set off a wildfire.How noisy are metal roofs?

The roll formed shapes of the modern metal roofing designs are associated with the space provided by proper strapping. This allows them to create a kind of serene quiet inside of your home as they absorb the noise.

Will my metal roof heat up my attic?

The properties of new metal roofing designs helps to absorb and dissapate heat quickly. In fact, a metal roof should lower your energy bills because of less energy needed as they will provide better ventilation. Most of our metal roofs use ridge cap ventilation. This method of venting attic space provides a stellar performance and eliminates ugly attic vents(which often lead to potential leaks).

Will a metal roof installation increase the value of my house.

Metal roofing has a larger upfront cost, but over time they will save you money because it easily lasts 2- 3X as long as a standard shingle roof. A metal roof also provides a lower maintenance cost and higher peace of mind.

Metal roofing vs Reception inside my house.

Modern metal roofs have no impact on the quality of reception inside your house.

Metal Roofing vs Lightning

Studies show that metal roofs do not attract static electricity more than any traditional application.

Why metal roofing?

Metal roofing is an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material. Metal roofing application prevents thousands of tonnes of waste material being disposed into our valuable environment. It will add a unique curb appeal to your home, and has been widely used for more than 60 years in residential and commercial application. Statement and true value, the ultimate protection: above your head.

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