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Darek Szubert

Project Manager

Darek is one of the foremost experts in insulation technology and is very detail oriented when it comes to planning your project from an efficiency in energy standpoint. This of course allows him to prepare a product, that not only looks good, but suits your house energy- efficiency wise. He has been part of the business for a long time working in both production in sales which gives him the necessary knowledge to answer any question regarding Forhomes products. 

If you are looking to gain perspective on how energy- efficient and insulating windows can affect not just your window style, but also multiply your home energy rating, save you money, and increase the value of your home, Darek is the man for you. He will guide you through the step by step process of designing a planned project which will allow you to not only benefit the looks of your home, but also the rather less spoken of but just as, if not more important energy rating of the windows.

Due to his knowledge of the products he often takes part in many very high end projects and excels at recommending the perfect product for you. His dedication to getting the job done right the first time is what drives him to be interested in completing your project properly and as efficiently as possible. 

For his own time, Darek loves kitesurfing and just travelling to wherever the wind and waves come together.  

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