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Aluminum European Tilt And Turn Windows

An Aluminum Take on an Established Product

custom aluminum european tilt & turn window by FORHOMES Ltd. in toronto

From Aluprof in Europe, a product which combines the contemporary and popular type of window of tilt and turn with the efficient and strong material of aluminum/ wood aluminum- clad windows. Allowing for the creation of a product which looks good stylistically and works well in practice. Much like a vinyl tilt & turn window, the aluminum/ wood aluminum- clad windows have a multiple lock system which locks in seven places. The system itself allows for the window to handle extremes in both weather and temperature related conditions.

Although the window opens a near full 180 degrees, it also tilts inwards, allowing for easy cleaning and circular air flow for ventilation. The windows also have a better air seal since they lock from the inside. Allowing for the crevice in the seal to be on the outside means that air will never be making its way into the home permitting much higher temperature regulation. Additionally, the in-swing hinges further secure the window from being forced/pulled open from the exterior. The tilt position also aids in security while still enabling ventilation. The inward tilt still allows the window to remain open with little ability to maneuver the window fully-open by unwanted visitors. 

From the exterior, due to the engineering of the window, the look is very clean, there are no handles or hinges visible since those can either be hidden/ are always located on the inside. Many of our clients prefer minimal design, so our hidden sash style is a welcomed option. The Hidden Sash frame mimics the look of our fixed windows, while providing the function of a fully operable window. This allows for architectural lines to remain consistent with uniform window frames throughout, regardless of window type.

Another benefit is the larger window sizes due to the strength of the window being baseline higher then that of a normal window. This allows for the product to be much larger while also alowing it to be an operable window instead of just being a fixed window.

All in all, our selection of tilt & turn products is excellent for any project/ home. 




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