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Fibreglass brown entry/ front door by FORHOMES Ltd. in Toronto & MississaugaForhomes premium line of Fiberglass doors are one of the big selling points and guarantee a unique or specific look for any customer. 

Forhomes is one of the few authorized Mastergrain dealers in the GTA and the Mastergrain product is an excellent addition to the Forhomes catalogue, the company stands by this product 100%. Mentioned in the steel- door section is that the reinforcement is extremely sturdy and the same between all doors. To re- iterate that here, every door made by Forhomes or by suppliers is crafted to the extremely high standard of Canadian weather necessities. All Forhomes/ supplier doors are structured with a composite frame and insulated with elite weather seals to combine practicality and performance. 

Forhomes also crafts their own fiberglass/ steel doors. When it comes to fiberglass doors, there is a selection of multiple types of woodragin which can be perfect for any home; with multitudes of styles ranging from old rustic to modern/ simple designs. Anything is possible with a fiberglass door. Although the Fiberglass can be painted, it can also be stained which gives the woodgrain a very specific and authentic look. Forhomes uses their own stainers who meticulously create the most realistic wood- seeming door there is. Through the techniques used by the stainers, the stain will not come off due to natural weather conditions, you have the Forhomes guarantee. There are a multitude of woodgrains available including the very popular: oak, and cherry designs. These designs are made through identifying genuine wood designs and mimicking them perfectly to create that authentic wood- door feel. 

These kinds of doors are a common alternative to wooden or steel doors due to their beautiful looks and high quality finish. The strength of fiberglass is also not to be understated. 


For all the technical details

To truly understand the reason why a fiberglass door is perfect for most homes, the technicality of the product must be understood as well. An individual structural glass fiber is both stiff and strong in tension and compression —that is, along its axis. Although it might be assumed that the fiber is weak in compression, it is actually only the long aspect ratio of the fiber which makes it seem weak. Fiberglass is one of the strongest materials out there and definitely one of the best ones for structuring a perfect door. It is actually only the long aspect ratio of the fiber which makes it seem weak, since a typical fiber is long and narrow, it breaks easily. On the other hand, the glass fiber is weak across its axis. Therefore, if a collection of fibers can be arranged permanently in a preferred direction within a material, and if they can be prevented from breaking in compression, the material will be strong in that direction. 




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