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Aluminum Sliding Doors

A Popular Product in Premium Aluminum Sleekness

Custom & speciality aluminum sliding patio door in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto & GTA

These patio doors are designed with clean, narrow sight lines that only the strength and stability of aluminum can provide. 

Aluminum patio doors provide narrow frames and clean lines offering a very contemporary look in any home.

 The patio doors beautifully accentuate the clean, thin lines of contemporary design with their narrow sight lines and modern metal look. They last a lifetime and are highly resistant to outside weather elements due to their rigidity and durability.

For a more modern, sleek & slim look, look no further then aluminum patio doors by any of the companies which Forhomes is partnered with. They not only offer a more elite and modern look but also save strengthen the composition of the home in the case of an attempted break in.

As the entire door is comprised of reinforced aluminum, optionally tempered glass, and finally a fail-safe locking mechanism, it weighs quite a lot. Due to developments in window and door technology, these aluminum doors glide with only a slight push or pull of a hand making them not only elite in composition but also in practicality.

EnergyStar certification allows these doors to be used in any of zones A/ B in Canada, and with elite options for glass type and composition, can suit any home.

Choose this door if you are looking for a modern look tied with a modern and incredibly strong/ foolproof system. 

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