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Stone sills

Stone Window Sill Replacement, Repair and Installation Mississauga

Window Sills are not only there to increase the curb appeal of your windows, but are designed to prevent any water damage around windows. Our sills are designed with a slope running from back to front to force water away from your windows, preventing water from accumulating and leaking into your windows.

A good window sill increases the lifetime of not just your windows but your home.

Not much can be said about such a simple product except that it works, and we have a lot it in excellent quality. Call us today!

We use Indiana Limestone of  2-1/4", 3", 4", and 5" Height and 5-1/2" - 12 " depth (custom sizes are also available up to 108" in length)

ROUGH rock faces come in the size of 2", 3", 4", and 5"

SMOOTH rock faces come in the size of 2", 4", and 5".

Indiana limestone is part of a high-end market. It is mostly used on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings. Many of Indiana's official buildings, such as the State capitol building, the monuments in Downtown Indianapolis, the Benjamin Harrison School of Law in Indianapolis, many university buildings across the United States, and the Indiana Government Center, and most of the state's 92 courthouses are all examples of Indiana architecture made with Indiana limestone.

These are just a few of our projects involving our style of Sill. Check out our Gallery for more.

 Here is a "rough face" stone sill

















 Here are  "smooth face" stone sills


Some Examples:




More Examples:







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