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Sunview Patio Door Warranty

Forhomes Patio Doors Warranty

For Original Owners

Vinyl Patio doors, provided by Forhomes and manufactured by Sunview Patio Doors Ltd. are warranted in a way that guaranttes the authentic customer against faults in wokmanship and components.

Vinyl Frame- 25 Years Warrany Guarantee

For twenty-five years, from your date of purchase, Forhomes guarantees that our sturdy vinyl doors will not have any paint or finishing errors that could cause: a) flaking b) blistering c) peeling and will not show excessive fading of sash members or the door frame. Persistent exposure to external forces that are uncontrollable by us such as: air pollutant, sunlight/normal atmosphere conditions can cause damage to your aluminum/vinyl frame. These are uncontrollable circumstances and therefore are not under the covering of the warranty. This warranty of the sash and vinyl frame will only remain effective if normal cleaning methods are commonly followed. These normal cleaning practices are important as they can extend the lifetime of your door, easily past the time span of the warranty.

Guarantee of Workmanship-5 Years 

During a period of five years from the date of your purchase of the door, Forhomes will warrant that our vinyl doors will not have any defects regarding fabricatioin owing to workmanship or materials and will easily serve the originally intended purpose.

External Paint-10 Years

For a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, Forhomes warrents that doors painted by our suppliers, will remain free of peeling, cracking and major discolouration NOT caused by exposure to sunlight, heat or, noxious or abrasive materials.

During a period of ten years from the day of aquisition, Forhomes guarantees that our doors, painted by us or our suppliers, will keep free of cracking, any major loss of colour and cracking that of which is not caused by heat, abrasive or noxious materials

Insulation Glass Warranty- 10 Years

For a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation under normal counditions,obstruction of vision which is the result of film formation of dust or collection between the interior glass surface caused by seal failure (and NOT glass BREAKAGE). Pro rated sharing does not apply to this glass warranty. This warranty applies to the unit only. Labour and shipping and incidental charges incurred in order to replace the glass are not covered by this warranty.

2 Years - Warranty on Patio Door Hardware

 Forhomes warrants Sunview Patio Door Hardware shall remain in good operational condition.

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