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Forhomes Warranty

Forhomes Windows Lifetime Warranty

A true test of the quality of a product is how well the company will stand behind it. It is important to remember that installation is crucial to how a window and/or door will operate and function. Here at Forhomes we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe in the superiority of our product and are proud to offer the following warranty on all of our products. 

Windows/ doors Sold With Installation

This is a lifetime (25-year) warranty. In addition, this warranty is transferable once upon the resale of the original purchaser’s home, simply provide the new homeowner with the original bill of purchase and sale. There are a few conditions that apply to this warranty:

  • Torn screens that transpire after installation & which Forhomes or its employees played no part in are not able to be replaced for free.
  • Glass breakage that occurs after installation & which is not the fault of Forhomes.
  • Forhomes warranty is void if the applicable products are subjected to unusual and inexcusable abuse & total lack of acceptable maintenance, or harmful solvents are used to clean any surface.*
  • Improper use of mechanism in an abusive fashion, we are not liable if the customer manages to destroy the product through improper use.
  • 25 years is for all windows and door mechanisms, paint/ stains come with a 10 year warranty.
  • If installed by someone other then a Forhomes Ltd certified installer the product only has a 10 year warranty and the customer voids services from our service department.
  • Certain door components such as fiberglass slabs are irreplacable except by special consultation, in the case of damage done to a fiberglass door slab, Forhomes Ltd is usually not liable to replace the system unless a new complete system is purchased or there was a manufacturing error in a component. 
  • Damage incurred to products from improper house construction methods (eg Faulty water proofing).
  • We replace door components if there is a manufacturing error or if the component was irrevocably damaged during installation, or if there is a need for service in the future.

*Vinyl surfaces should be cleaned with mild household soap and water applied with a sponge to wipe off any accumulated surface dirt. Glass should be cleaned with a mixture of household vinegar & water, also applied with a sponge.

*Door sills, window sills, and especially patio door sills must be cleaned on a semi regular bases, approx once every two weeks, wiped down. This is to prevent buildup of dirt and dust which can impede on the mechanism of the door closing.

Please call Forhomes Ltd if you have a service request.

For Specific product warranty please consider the warranty of the original product supplier.


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