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Vinyl Windows

A Modern Take on a Tried and True System

FORHOMES LTd. custom vinyl windows toronto, mississauga, oakvillePeace of mind is invaluable. when you know your windows will stand up to hurricane-force winds while withstanding impact, you have the security and satisfaction of knowing the value of your investment. 

Increasingly popular not only for their simple elegance, but for their superior ventilation, weather tightness, and ease of operation, the Vinyl window of simple casement/ awning design is an extremely efficient and attractive product for any home or project. The product not only creates a safer atmosphere for your home but also makes your home much more energy efficient and increases your property value while saving you money. As one of the most popular windows in the West, there are near- infinite options in colour, glass, energy efficiency, and framing.

Due to steel reinforcements, the windows are incredibly strong and with tempered or laminated glass options the window can be even stronger. Due to the constantly changing weather cycle in Canada, a window needs to be strong enough to stand up to the toughest weather and temperature. Often, the weather variation in Ontario can be 70 degrees Celsius during the year, dropping to below -35 C, and up to over +35 C. A window has to stand up to these temperatures.





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