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Steel Doors

Novatech Steel Doors - Quality in Design

Custom black steel entry door & exterior entrance door by FORHOMES Ltd. Steel insulated doors are a high-quality product with a multitude of painting and hardware options. 

Steel doors are another major type of residential front doors; they come with a polyurethane foam insulation core – a critical factor in a building's overall comfort and efficiency.

The benefits of the steel door come from its customizability and practicality. While not being the most expensive product, the multitude of finishes from both inside and outside allows the steel door to have an extremely custom colour palette suitable for any project. Furthermore, the steel door is capable of inserts of multiple kinds of glass ranging from a small glass panel to a full-lite system of glass to cover the entire length of the door. Forhomes paint quality is excellent and allows for colouring on both sides of the door which gives full customizability over to the client. 

A note to be made for any client is that any glass inside of the door can be matched in sidelites or transom to create symmetry throughout the whole system. 

All of Forhomes doors and their suppliers' internal structure is built the same way with the same kind of reinforcement. This is also true when it comes to the safety quality of the door. 

To make the doors we make even more safe and long-lasting, Forhomes utilizes a multi-point lock system which gives the door added strength against forced entry while also preventing it from warping.

This system is available for all of our entrance doors and allows for the use of incredibly modern and creative products such as the main "pull- bar" handle which can be seen here.

The doors can be done to suit a standard look or a more contemporary one.

Energystar certified for both Ontario/ Canada zones A/b; these doors will suit any home and upgrade your energy efficiency tremendously.

A fantastic product allowing for incredible price, design, and energy efficiency.  


Get Inspired! 

We have many tools available to help you find the style of entrance best suited to match your home’s architecture.Start here with a 2020 Style Guide then explore the 4 Steps to the Perfect Entrance by Novatech.







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