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Aluminum Windows Casement System

An Aluminum System for Every Opening

FORHOMES Ltd. aluminum window casement system in greater toronto areaThe aluminum windows casement system differs from standard vinyl casement windows due its composition and style. Practically, it is exactly as effective as the standard casement window. The internal system has the same kind of insulating strength as well as having an external aluminum frame.

Suitable for a wide variety of home styles, Casement Windows offer superior ventilation and easy operation.  In addition to this, Casement Windows shut tightly and provide a firm lasting seal. It is because of this functionality that casement windows receive one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any windows styles.

There are a multitude of options that can be combined to give your home a custom feel, initially, choosing the right type of window is important, and although casement windows are a very popular product, aluminum casement are specific to the external envelope of your home/ project. You can also easily purchase casement window parts online.

To put it simply, aluminum windows offer an incredibly tight and strong frame allowing for a slim look with an excellent finish.

All Forhomes products surpass the Energystar standard and are Energystar certified.

Some Details

– 4 1/2 frame depth
– Durable baked enamel duracron finish
– Heavy Wall Extruded aluminum frame
– Thermo glass unit
– Vinyl adapter on interior that holds screen and crank
– Fold down handle
– 3/4 thermo glass unit
– Available styles: CM, ILCM




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