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FORHOMES Ltd. truck samples of custom windows, doors, and roofing

Let us serve you right at your home.

We always carry a great number of extra samples of many different products.

You will be surprised by the exquisite selection of colors, materials, textures, stains, trims, etc.

We want to provide extra convenience for you and help you choose the best solution(s) for your home.

In most cases there will be no need for you to travel to see the products somewhere else, as we will bring all the necessary samples and requisite information TO you. 

However, we always recommend visiting our showroom, as it not only is a greater convenience for you, it also lets you see how the actual project looks and how it operates on the spot. It is very easy to talk about how a product works, and to convince someone of the way it is going to be. But we here at Forhomes LTD. feel like the products speak for themselves.

There are a multitude of options so if you prefer to view the samples first before visiting our showroom, we can do that for you.

In the end Forhomes is all about options, so if you feel that more options would help you decide, just ask.

Ask for samples!

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