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Terms of Warranty are Given By Bob Rollo - Supplier to Forhomes of Aluplast and Aluprof Products


General Terms of Warranty

for PVC window and door joinery

for Bob Rollo Dealer: Forhomes LTD



1. This warranty shall be applicable for window and door frames produced by the "Bob-Rollo" Sp. z o. o.

company, hereinafter referred to as “the Producer”.

2. A detailed list of products under this warranty shall be specified by the parties in the Sales Agreement in each particular case.

3. Signing this Agreement is tantamount with the acceptance of these conditions.


1. The Producer grants the Customer a warranty regarding his products, designed and

manufactured according to the company standards.

2. The guarantee covers defects in material and workmanship. The start of the warranty period is the date on which the Product was sold to the Customer. It shall be indicated in the sales note (sales invoice).

3. Warranty period:

Window and door frames:

a/ when installed by an authorized dealer in partnership with Bob Rollo – 25 years/ lifetime.

b/ when installed by a competent team, authorized by the Producer – 15 years.

c/ when installed by the Customer – 1 year.

Accessories: locks, patent lock inserts, windowsills, shutters, blinds.

a/ when installed by an authorized dealer in partnership with Bob Rollo – 25 years/ lifetime.

b/ when installed by the Customer – 1 year.

4. External defects reported after more than two calendar days from signing the Acceptance Protocol are

excluded from the herein warranty.

5. The warranty does not cover: mechanical damages, effects of harmful chemicals, protective tape, normal wear and tear, minor defects which do not affect the product performance, damages caused by random events, fractures or cracks, fogging (on the inside or on the outside of the room) caused by an inadequate ventilation or weather conditions, glass defects, to the extent allowed by applicable standards: (PN-EN-1279-1-6, PN-EN-12150-1:2002, PN-EN ISO 12543-(1:6):2000, PN-EN 357:20052, PN-EN 365:2000, PN-EN 1096-1), fixture damages caused by dust/dirt, incorrect operation or installation unauthorized by the Producer. The Customer is responsible for preparing the right installation site. This Warranty does not cover damage due to improper storage or harmful environmental influences (particularly external moisture).

6. Spaces that are only slightly heated, with high moisture levels or with limited ventilation can cause “condensation” on the surface of the glass which has the lowest temperature in the room. In case of strong frost, the water may even freeze between the glass and the gasket. The best solution to this problem is to improve the building ventilation (more air conditioning machinery, more frequent ventilation)

7. This warranty does not cover any products manufactured at the request of the Customer, which do not come up to the production standards (in not recommended dimensions).

8. The PVC windows shall have an internal ventilation and drainage system: the frame located on the bottom horizontal plane is equipped with weep holes. Their objective is to remove the water that can easily get inside the window during precipitation. Please make sure the holes are free from blockage (dust/dirt) and that their outlet is designed for maximum ease of free water flow on a windowsill. It is an

unacceptable practice to install external windowsills above the weep holes.

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General Terms of Warranty for PVC window and door joinery

9. It is possible that the muntin bars pivot from horizontal or vertical orientation (by a few millimeters), because of the temperature rise, which makes them longer and you can hear the ringing due to vibration in the environment.

10. The Customer is obliged to read the instructions for operation and maintenance of the delivery item, and in case of any doubts, he should consult with Forhomes LTD The warranty is invalidated if a fault arises due to incorrect operation.

11. The warranty does not cover maintenance or current regulations. The Customer is obliged to control the product regularly.

12. It is recommended to remove the protective foil and tape right after the installation.

13. If the installation is made by an authorized team of Bob-Rollo Sp. z o. o., the Producer is obliged to adjust during installation and one free adjustment within 90 days from the date of signing the Acceptance Protocol, at the Customer's request. After this date, the Customer shall make the adjustments at this own cost or with the support of "Bob-Rollo" Sp. z o. o. for an extra charge. This is also to the discretion of the dealer.

a/ Forhomes LTD also guarantees service of their products therefore their terms apply over those of Bob Rollo in the case of a necessary service. Forhomes guarantees service and installation warranty for the first 10 years; specific services outlined both here in the Bob Rollo warranty and in the Forhomes LTD contract.

14. The warranty does not cover products or parts, to which the Customer has obtained a price reduction due to permanent defects.


1. The warranty comes into force as soon as the Dealer has received a written complaint from the Customer, requesting to remove the fault at no additional cost.

2. A misuse of warranty, unnecessary, illegitimate call for maintenance at the Customer’s request may result in the application for reimbursement of expenses, including travel and labor

costs. according to the valid price list.                



1. Complaints should be submitted in person ("Forhomes LTD" 991 Matheson Blvd East Unit 6), by email (

or by phone call: (905)-212-9499

The complaint should include:

• date and place of complaint,

• name and last name of the complainant,

• address at which the claimed goods are accessible,

• date of purchase and invoice number,

• other contact details (telephone/ fax number, e-mail address),

 damage description,

• legible e-signature of the complainant if through e-mail.

2. A complaint notification form is available at:

3. The date of reporting the complaint shall be the date of signing the complaint form. The Customer shall use the Dealer’s warranty.


1. Acceptance of the complaint shall not oblige the Dealer to remove the defects. Within 14 days from reporting the defects, the Dealer shall provide information to the Customer on any further actions.

2. The Dealer may wish to receive additional information from the Customer, related to defects.

3. Each time, the Customer shall provide access to the complained product, for the purpose of visual

inspection and to have it repaired.

4. The lack of such access in time shall be treated as the waiver of claims.

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General Terms of Warranty for PVC window and door joinery


If it has not been possible to remove the defects before, repairs will be made within 1 (one) month from the date of the acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint. The Dealer shall take all efforts to remove the defects as soon as possible.


1. As evidence of providing warranty, the Dealer shall issue a Warranty Notice (This Paper).

2. The warranty comes into force if a Warranty Card or proof of purchase (invoice) is shown.

3. The placing of a claim shall not withhold payments resulting from the agreement signed. Unpaid goods are not subject to the warranty.

4. Modified or illegible Warranty Card may be considered null and void.


Unauthorized alterations to the product during the warranty period shall void all rights to any warranty claims.

The product is covered by the warranty provided regular check-ups for a fee (adjustment + window hardware maintenance), at least once a year.


Any possible repairs carried out by the Dealer should be properly indicated in the warranty.

The Customer shall confirm it with a signature in the proper place of the warranty Document.




























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