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Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors Warranty


The vinyl frames and sash members are warranted against chipping, flaking, peeling, blistering, cracking and corroding for 25 years.

The insulating glass units in our windows and doors are warranted against seal failure for 25 years.

All moving parts are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 25 years.

Exclusions from warranty coverage

Condensation on the interior or exterior surfaces are a natural result of moisture in the home and changes in temperature and humidity and do not indicate a defective product. The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, hail, lightning or other acts of weather. Broken glass or torn screen is not covered under this warranty. Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors does not cover the cost of labour, shipping, removal or re-installation and refinishing of replacement glass or parts

Claims: In the event that your windows or doors exhibit a defect covered by the Warranty, the Owner must notify the Dealer/ Distributor within thirty (30) days after the defect first appears. Upon receipt of this information, the Dealer/Distributor shall forward the Owners name, address and contact information.

For the download of the EVW warranty click: Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors Warranty


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