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Installation Day - What to Expect?

Window installation services FORHOMES Ltd in Toronto & Area

What To Expect On Your Installation Day

Our company crews will arrive at the requested time or even before that. In the GTA, our crews will arrive at your house between the times of 8 and 9 am. Most of our installations are completed within a one day period or within two days for larger projects. Occasionally, Forhomes will combine two crews if necessary for a larger project in order to reduce the duration of the renovation period for our clients. Large or multiplex projects require more time than a standard sized one.

Our installation crews are always led by a lead installer who holds the responsibility of the installation. This will be the same contractor that re-measured your windows, doors and other home improvement products for production. If any discrepancy is found by the installer, our office will be notified and will correct the error as soon as possible (presumably the same day). As we do not want anything to be damaged, we will take precautions such as work blankets that we will lay around the installation area in order for us to do our work quickly and efficiently without changing more then is needed. We work from top to bottom meaning that our work will commence at the highest elevation and work towards the ground.

Our work is done in set stages. We will prepare and install a new window before moving forward. Our main goal in our installation is to start and finish one room before continuing onto the next one. This allows us to be as efficient as possible in our work. As each stage is finished, we will ensure that the area is clear of debris and tidy before we move on. At the end of the installation, the crew will clean up any leftover debris while the lead installer will walk you through your newly installed products and will direct you on their operation to ensure your satisfaction.


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