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Specialty Windows

Multiplying Potential Styles

Speciality white custom arch window by FORHOMES Ltd. in Toronto, MississaugaMore than just a basic selection of windows, specialty windows are for the customer who really wants to go even more custom for their home. These types of windows are much like all the other products sold by Forhomes LTD, except they are catered right for you. Generally when someone is buying or is interested in buying windows, they settle on an image in their heads that may not be the best, however, accomodating the customer is something that Forhomes LTD is great at, so here is where it all comes in. Window standards go out the window here, Forhomes staff create the perfect project catered to the needs of the customer. 

Forhomes started with custom doors and windows, so the staff thought "how far can we take it". As it turns out, very far. Due to the contacts available through Forhomes LTD, there exists the possibilitiy of bringing forward some truly unique products.

As an example, tilt and turn windows with interior miniblinds; an incredibly sleek, and efficient option. Specialty windows are not for everyone but they exist for the customer who craves to add just a little bit more to their home. In the window and door industry there really is no standard but when looking for something extremely unique, Forhomes is the place to go. 




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