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When looking at a home or project, many customers think that getting product right for them is going to be a hassle. This is simply not true. Often customers question if it is possible to have an extremely custom project done. It is!

Combining fabricators, windows and doors, to match a certain look you have for your project is a simple process. Here at Forhomes the abundance of designs and options allows the customer to come and decide exactly what they want. Often, we have customers come in who want a Canadian or American door product but end up matching that to European windows, combining colours, and styles. 

Full house remodelling (of windows and entry - doors) of course is a common process. 

Oftentimes customers come into our showroom not knowing even what they themselves are looking for, and leave satisfied that they have found a product right for them. This is an extremely common occurance.

The important thing to note is that products such as windows and doors are meant to last you a while. It is a big investment but if done right, by someone such as Forhomes LTD, the problems in your future will no longer include windows or doors.

Do right by yourself and purchase a product that is not only right for you but also right for your future. Certain investments such as windows or doors require a specific kind of product; one which will not falter against time or crumble under constant use like many products do.

Forhomes LTD proudly stands by all of its products and its suppliers.

All of our products are Energystar certified for Canadian/ Ontario zones A/B. 

We offer an excellent product to suit every possible need. 




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