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Jeremy Spula

Project Manager

The new kid on the block, Jeremy brings a lot of technical knowledge to the table, able to whip up a multitude of relevant reference points for any layperson looking with interest at our doors. A very relaxed person, he is supremely easy to talk to and will guide you through the step by step process from quoting to installation like a pro.

Any questions regarding his interest in the company and the product can easily be directed at him and he will give you all the knowledge you need to know about any of our products with the utmost efficiency.

If you prefer someone very logic- minded but are also willing to have a multitude of options and perspectives for your project, contact Jeremy and he will get back to you with specifics almost as fast as you put down the receiver.

Jeremy prefers interesting and always big jobs, ones that have a theme throughout the whole house for the project which he is working on. 

On his own time Jeremy often reads up on things going around in the business industry on ways to optimize a business. 

Phone: 416-970-2618

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