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Michal Borawski

Project Installer

Mike is an installation expert who has been working installing for over 15 years. His expertise comes from an extremely hands on experience and validity to do anything to get the job done right the first time.

He has installed Forhomes products in thousands of homes and is extremely careful to make sure the product is installed properly and without a hassle. Over time he has installed products such as aluminum or vinyl windows, tilt and turn european windows, hybrid windows, "harmonica" collapsing patio doors, sliding patio doors, bay windows, and most importantly: entrance doors.

When he is installing for you on the jobsite, if you ever have any question or request, just notify him. He is truly an expert in his craft and if something seems not up to par, or you are not sure how something will be done, Mike will wash your worries away. 

Mike has been with the company for a long time which has allowed him to build strong relationships with not just the other members of the company but also customers. Very often we get referrals after people see how excellent of a job Mike did.




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