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Monika Bus

Office Coordinator

Always there to answer, no matter the questions you ask. Calm and professional she takes every contact to heart and will make sure that either your inquiry or problem is resolved quickly and without a hassle. One of the most professional people in the window and door industry, she works incredibly hard and helps coordinate everything that goes on around the firm. To be honest, the company wouldn’t run without her! 

Monika deals with the inner working of the company and it is her duty to coordinate the fine details between jobs which allow for extreme specifics when it comes to customer or contractor preferences. Her knowledge and expertise is what allows for this as she is able to recognize what is needed for a job and accomodate our project managers or installer with the requisite knowledge of the situation. 

You will always talk to her whenever you call the office so any questions posed to the firm can always be directly posed to her.




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