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Rodney Randell

Door Production Expert - Custom Door Assembler 

Rodney has been building doors for over 26 years. He has unparalleled expertise in putting together a product which will suit your home perfectly. 

Over the years that Rodney has worked, he has built steel, fiberglass, and wooden doors. He has perfected his methodology and now every door that comes out of his hands has the Forhomes signature style with Rodney's skill, talent, and expertise worked in. For 30+ years, custom products were always Rodney's forte; as a Master Woodworker he has the experience and the eye which allows him to build the sylistically perfect door for anyone. 

As not just a master woodworker but also a locksmith he creates professional door system with inserted locks of multiple types. His experience producing a locking system spans not only traditional deadbolt locking mechanisms but also multi- lock systems, and as of recently electronic lock systems including key- pads, or even bluetooth locks. 

Rodney is passionate about every project and always looks for ways to optimize a door so that you are satisfied with the product.

Rodney is a passionate guy and even does woodworking as a hobby now, so when you get Rodney to build your door, you know you are getting a high quality product. If you ever have any questions about the products compositions ask Rodney, and he will give you a walkthrough which will definitely convince you to buy the right door for you.





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